Daria Usova COLLAGES – Pieces Art.

Daria UsovaShe was born in Baltic, city Königsberg, 1986.

She has personal сollage technics «Pieces Art», and also holds a patent (№ 2344053) in Russia.

2003-2008 studied and has finished the (the Moscow pedagogical state university), faculty of art-grafic.

2009-2010 studied and finished (the Russian state humanitarian university) faculty of examination subjects of antiques.


  • participation in a young exhibition in «Gallery on Kuznetsk Most» under Moscow the Union of Artists.


  • the debut project of collages on a theme «Reconstruction»;
  • participation in an exhibition «Memory», the Museum of the Modern Art, Moscow.


  • a personal exhibition «JL» (dummies about a fashion) in the international gallery « Stella Art Gallery », Moscow.
  • an exhibition of dummies in the Museum of the Modern art, Moscow (project "POWER").


  • participation in an exhibition of Russian illustrators « Love Couture » (gallery Zurab, Moscow)
  • participation in an exhibition « Kate Moss » (the Center of the Modern art, Moscow)
  • personal exhibition « Strike a pose », Prado cafe


  • participation in festival of Russian illustrators « Institute of the Smile »
  • participation in an exhibition «the Zoo», «Arterium» gallery
  • participation in the first Moscow International Biennial of Young Art « Stand! Who Goes?»:
    1) a series of collages with name «Citys», the Museum of the Modern art («Migration» project),
    2) video collages « Flight of beauty », gallery «Zurab», «Souvenirs of UFO» project;
  • personal exhibition «ART-MAZDA», Special collages, Aerographics for mazda


  • Cooperation with gallery RuArts:
    1)- art market in New York «Pulse New York»
    2)- exhibition « Backstage » RuArts
  • participation in the third festival of Russian illustrators «Free Wi-Fi», gallery Zurab, Moscow)


    Cooperation with gallery RuArts:
    1) participation in an exhibition «Duel»
    2) participation in an exhibition «In Memoriam»

  • a personal exhibition «Mythical artefacts» the Museum of the Modern Art, Moscow 09.07.10
  • participation in the second Moscow International Biennial of Young Art “ Stand! Who Goes?


  • a personal exhibition «Glossy Attraktion» in World Сlass
  • participation in an exhibition in «Prichal» Moscow
  • participation in an exhibition in Mimesis gallery , Geneva
  • a personal exhibition «Pieces Art» in «the Castle design» Geneve
  • a personal exhibition for shop "cosmotheca" in Art Kvartal ( Winzavod) Moscow - participation in an exhibition " City" Mimesis gallery , Geneva - participation in an exhibition- party in "Art Hous" Moscow


      01.03.12 big personal exhibition in RuArts gallery «Sense, spirit and body», Moscow
      21.05.12 personal exhibition in Nest gallery “New Sensation – Collages” Geneva
      02.06.12 personal exhibition in restaurant “Aist” Moscow
      17.07. 12 participation in Workshop 20’12 - Rejected Reality ,Artplay, Moscow


      16.04.13 personal exhibition in Nest gallery “Collection City’s” Geneva

Art life:

She has made multiple exhibitions in different parts of the world including Moscow, Paris, London, NY, Geneva.

She regularly participates in Moscow Young Biennale.

Daria’s Works are kept in galleries of Moscow (RuArts gallery, Stella Art Gallery, the Moscow Museum of the modern art), New York (Guggenheim museum), private collections of Geneva, Moscow London, Paris and Taiwan.

She has made personal portraits of Jhon Galliano, Paul Smith, Brian Ferry, Andrew Logan and Zandra Roads ,last king of Egypt and other Russian celebrities and businessmen.