Daria Usova COLLAGES – Pieces Art.


Cut from an interview with the Artist :

Tell us about the genre of the Portrait, in which you work, why does it enjoy such a great popularity?

Portrait – is a genre that almost does not exist in the modern art. Since from the beginning of 17 century, this art form was very popular, therefore there was made a huge amount of art works in this genre. It appears that this trend became satiate, and many contemporary authors, the art of portrait seems incredibly boring and banal. But I take the courage to claim the opposite and do restore fully this phenomenon in my art of collage. I strive to convey the mood of a person, not so much through its form and the expression of his face, color and brightness of his eyes, but rather through the most important a person has, through his spiritual fulfillment. This if you like, sacred side of life, which is displayed in pieces of material with fragments of landscape, phrases, brands of cloths and jewelry, life situations, etc. Unconditionally the dominant parts here are the images of personal interests, hobbies, traditions and attachments, of the specific person portrayed. I like to make the portraits as a kind of a “map of desires”, where I collect as the quintessence of all of them together : the memorable past, the present that the person living now and most importantly – the future, dreams and all the things that a man want to happen in his life.

Such portraits, I create for individuals as well as for families, which are usually used as a pleasant surprise gift.

First of all, I am continuing a series of “Portraits of Desires”, which my fans order for their dreams to realize.

Also, a piece can be ordered as your favorite city, flower, cat, a subject, anything that evokes positive emotions.

Who are the proud owners of your art works?

Some of my works are in the collections of English designers – Andrew Logan and Zandra Rhodes with whom I am personally acquainted since my first London Tourné. I was introduced to them by my very good friend – the famous Russian artist – Andrey Bartenev.

Furthermore, i made portraits-collages upon a request order for many celebrities of Moscow – Fyodor Bondarchuk, Vadim Zelenski, Arkadiy Novikov, Anastasia Vinokour, Timati, Fedor Fomin, Ksenia Sobchak, Igor Krutoi, and major Russian Businessmen.

My works can be found in collections of Salavat Timiryasov, Vadim Dimov, Marianna Sardarova, Dmitry Sychev.

But mostly my works like to purchase, large financial institutions, banks and international organizations. For them the collage in my technique “Pieces Art” is a trendy fashion brand, which reflects as in a mirror, the soul, creativity and a potential of the company.