Daria Usova COLLAGES – Pieces Art.

Cut from one of the interviews with the Artist :


«Pieces Art» - Its an original technique of modern collage that I have developed and patented.

 This technique is based on using the gloss (material from the Glossy Magazines) – as a dominating artifact of our time. I work with it for over 10 years now, developing it further and create collages, that make the viewer stop and stare for a long time at meticulous details of almost a live canvas.


Where lies the secret of success of your art?

 In my opinion, first of all, art should be Positive, Full of Light and adventurous as an attraction. The vector of its focus should always be directed towards the confidence in the future. As for me, I even ceased to be surprised in the inexplicable code of “map of desires”, really works in our material world! And this, perhaps, is the most magical power of creativity that leads the artist to success.