Daria Usova COLLAGES – Pieces Art.

Clip art creations

Daria Usova, Solo Exhibition

Until March 31 at the RuArts Contemporary Art Gallery, 10 1st Zachatevsky Per., m. Kropotkinskaya, www.ruarts.ru
Open Tue.-Sat. noon-8 pm

A picture from Daria Usova’s series ‘12 Seconds from Christ’s Life’

© Courtesy Of Ruarts

A picture from Daria Usova’s series ‘12 Seconds from Christ’s Life

Catch collages by one of Moscow’s hottest up-and-coming artists at Daria Usova’s new solo exhibition, currently at the RuArts gallery. Usova, 25, is the pioneer of her own technique, “Pieces Art,” which uses magazine clippings to achieve the jewel-toned feel of stained glass. In her current exhibition, she turns her scissors to an idiosyncratic set of topics: the last moments of Christ’s life, Rorschach blots and urban landscapes.

A 2008 graduate of Moscow State Pedagogical University, Usova has previously shown at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art and the Guggenheim. Her subjects range from pop culture figures like John Lennon and Donatella Versace to flowery still lifes and Russian fairy tales. But there’s one constant: in all her works, Usova’s only materials are magazines, scissors and glue. (Usova has estimated that she owns over two dozen pairs of scissors, earning her the nickname “Daria Scissorhands.”)

For “12 Seconds from Christ’s Life,” Usova created images of Christ on the cross that are identical except for their shifting color palettes. Her next series embraces the spirit of Rorschach cards, using symmetrical shapes to draw out viewers’ free associations. The final series, “Cities,” shows the landscapes of major urban capitals, a set Usova originally showed in her entry for the 2008 Moscow Biennale for Young Art.

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